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2021 Spring


Martina Freitagova
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Here is the course outline:

1. What can culture do?

Feb 10

Introductory lesson – understanding cultural sector and its division, key players and its role in society. Defining culture and cultural capital.

2. Culture in Times of Crisis

Feb 17

Presentation of case studies how cultural spaces deal with COVID-19, shifts in operation

3. Current trends in cultural management

Feb 24

Introduction to the main trends relevant for cultural management such as sustainability, gender equality, cultural globalization, urban development

4. Finance, Fundraising, Sponsoring

Mar 3 12am .. 12am

Managing costs, government subsidies, earned income, fundraising strategy, financing opportunities

5. Exhibition Planning - Guest Lecture

Mar 10

Dr. Julia Tatiana Bailey, Ph.D. Curator of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art

6. Strategic Planning

Mar 17

The class will focus on organisational structures, visions and missions, SWOT and PEST analysis

7. Promotion and Communications

Mar 24

Introduction to public relations and marketing strategies: media relations and partnerships, advertisements and online communications

8. Branding

Mar 31

What is a brand / branding strategy / brand style guide?

9. Architecture and Metropolitan Planning - Guest Lecture

Apr 14

Introduction to CAMP (Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning), its conception and functions

10. How to build a new cultural space?

Apr 22 4:30pm .. 7pm

What are the main opportunities and struggles while building a new cultural space, what is needed to ensure a smooth start and who stands behind the organization?

11. Workshop

May 3

Looking closely at formulating target groups and creating budgets

12. What makes some artworks worth millions? - Guest Lecture

May 5

A discussion with Anna Povejšilová, who has worked at the Christie's auction house for more than a decade, about the monetary value of art and the ins and outs of the art market, with a particular focus on behind-the-scenes insights from the auction world. The discussion will be followed by a workshop on pricing in which the main principles for determining the value of art will be put into practice.

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