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2021 Spring


Hana Hajova
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Here is the course outline:

1. Lesson 1

Agenda; Introduction & course organization; Sets, numbers, intervals; Sets operations, basic arithmetic operations and their order

2. Lesson 2

Basic arithmetic operations and their order; Fractions; Natural, integer, and rational exponents, scientific notations

3. Lesson 3

Fractions, percentages, percentage changes, percentage points Natural, integer, and rational exponents, scientific notation

4. Lesson 4

Polynomials; Functions; Overview of basic types; Domain and range; Graphs

5. Lesson 5

Functions, basic types of functions; One variable, two variables, Range and Domain; Linear function, Quadratic function; Quadratic Equations and Inequalities; Word problems

6. Lesson 6

Basic types of functions; Word Problems: Absolute value functions; reciprocal functions, exponential functions; Quadratic equations and inequalities; Quadratic function word problems

7. Lesson 7

Quadratic equation and inequalities; Quadratic functions; Graphs; Review for Test No.2 Test No.2

8. Lesson 8

Equations Inequalities System of Equations Business Case No.2

9. Lesson 9

Equations and Inequalities; System of Equations; Review for Test No.3 Business Case No.2

10. Lesson 10

Q&A for test No. 3 Introduction to exponential and logaritmic function Presentation Business Case No.2 Test No. 3

11. Lesson 11

Q&A Test No.3 Exponential function, logaritmic function Square root function; Problems witj exponential and logaritmic function

12. Lesson 12

Test No. 4

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