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2021 Spring

CRIMINAL LAW - LEG152/B Spring 2021

M. Tador
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Here is the course outline:

1. Non-fatal offences against the person

Jan 20, Anglo-americká vysoká škola, z.ú.

Common assault and crimes of violence are the two types of non-fatal offences.

2. Failure of Proof Defenses

Feb 3, Anglo-americká vysoká škola, z.ú.

Failure of proof defences, do not act outside the elements of the offence; rather they provide the evidential basis for a claim that one of these elements is lacking.

3. Affirmative Defenses

Feb 22, Anglo-americká vysoká škola, z.ú

The three affirmative defenses, which we will examine during our lectures are duress, necessity, and self-defense.

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