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2021 Spring


Tomas Dolezal
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The course aims to develop students’ knowledge of IR Theory and their ability to properly apply IR Theory to real-world problems. Running complementarily to the Theories of IR, the course attempts to bridge the gap between the IR theoretical comprehension and the political practice of the current world affairs. The aim of the class is to explore selected topical issues in global politics from two perspectives. The first one uncovers the inner logic of the actors involved, their underlying assumptions and their foreign policy making and diplomacy. The other line attempts to achieve a more detached view by the confrontation of diverse academic interpretations stemming a.o. from various theoretical standpoints. Students practice an informed academic discussion in both oral and written form. The seminar debates cover the selected current international issues as well as theoretical and methodological reflection.

Here is the course outline:

Introduction: Current Issues in IR

Feb 17

Sources, topics, key goals

Middle East

Mar 3

Please, look up analysis on your favorite topical issue from the Middle East and North Africa - bring your summary and comment on source and contens

Middle East II

Feb 25

Diplomacy and Power in 21st Century: Aspiring New Leaders?

Mar 3

Description: Shifts in power relations, theoretically and practically

Understanding the Current Foreign Policy of Russian Federation

Mar 03

Discussion based on required and recommended readings

New Technologies, New Dilemmas: Cyber (In)Security, Sharp Power,  and Concept of Hybrid War

Mar 17

Security and ethical aspects of applying high-tech innovations and resisting Cyber/Digital threads. Are we all involved in the “hybrid” or even a new Cold war(s)? Or is the hybrid warfare rather a frequently overused concept?

Postmodern (In)Security: New Challenges, Critical Concepts

Mar 31

Description: Besides Cyber Security already discussed, there are critical conceptions of security and cases linked to Human, Ontological, Feminist, Postcolonial, Bio- and even Post-Human (Environmental) Security.

Emotions and IR the Era of Post-truth, Populist Politics

Apr 07

Emotions and IR the Era of Post-truth, Populist Politics Description: Emotional Turn in IR

Understanding China (and/or the EU)

May 12

The Past and The Future? Understanding China and/or EU - and their Role in 21st Century´s World System. Ideational foundations of the foreign policy of the PRCh. China-Western relations. And the EU ..

The World, Politics, and Covid-19: Discussion

Apr 30

May 1, 2:30 pm Have you read any insightful or visionary texts on Covid-19 or the Post-Covid era? What social and political changes do you expect, personally? Any comments on your home country - or World system transformations, (Great) Power relations, Security and insecurity concepts, Politicized Emotions, Environmental Politics, Religion?


Apr 27

Workshop II

May 05

Group II: Savely, Miriam, Ricardo, Fraol, Anneliese

Religion and IR

Apr 21

Religious issues in politics, conceptualizations of Religion in various IR traditions

Environmental Politics: Power Relations, Diplomacy, Security

Apr 14

Studies of various environmental topics uncover security issues, challenges for negotiators as well as background power relations in global politics while using diverse theoretical lenses

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