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2021 Spring


Jan Vasenda
For information about registration please contact our admissions.

This course serves as a preparatory course for Business Mathematics I. It is intended for students who have very limited knowledge of mathematics. It concentrates upon basic mathematical notions and operations – fractions, percentage, using negative numbers etc. The content of the course will be adapted to concrete needs of students.

Here is the course outline:

1. Lesson 1

Feb 23

Introduction, course organization numbers, Sets, Set operations

2. Lesson 2

Mar 2

Set operations, Basic arithmetic operations and their order, Absolute value

3. Lesson 3

Mar 9

Absolute Values Intervals Inequalities

4. Lesson 4

Mar 16

Fractions Word problems

5. Lesson 5

Mar 23

Mid-term Exam; Fractions and Percentages

6. Lesson 6

Mar 30

Percentages - Calculations and Word Problems

7. Lesson 7

Apr 13

Percentages and Ratios - World Problems

8. Lesson 8

Apr 20

Word Problems Linear Function

9. Lesson 9

Apr 27

Linear function - world problems Course revision

10. Lesson 10

May 4

Final Exam

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