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2021 Spring

INTERNSHIP - ART350, BUS349, HSS350, JRN350, POS341/POS541 Spring 2021

Michaela Neuzilova
For information about registration please contact our admissions.


Here is the course outline:

1. Course Intro & Aptitude Assessment

Feb 18

You will learn practical info about the course and requirements. We will also start to talk about your CVs and aptitude tests.

2. CVs & Beyond: Authenticity and Adaptation

Feb 25

How do you want to present yourself? How real can you get in your CV and motivation letter?

3. The Importance of a Job Interview

Mar 4

What is the purpose of a job interview?

4. Productivity Management

Mar 11

Guest speaker: Adela Schicker

5. Challenges and Conflicts in the Workplace

Mar 18

What are the challenges that you can come across in a workplace? How to deal with conflicts?

6. Labor Market Today & Tomorrow

Mar 25

Guest speaker: Tomas Dombrovsky

7. Work Visas for non-EU students

Apr 1

This workshop is optional Guest speaker: Adela Tkacukova

8. Industry insider - Creative

Apr 15

9. Industry insider - NGOs

Apr 22

Guest Speaker: Melissa Durda

10. Industry insider - Journalism

Apr 29

Guest Speaker: Morgan Childs

11. Industry insider - Corporate

May 6

Guest Speaker: Tereza Kickova

12. Industry insider - Entrepreneurship

May 13

Guest Speaker: Simone Bertolone

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