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2021 Spring


Marek Jicha
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Here is the course outline:

1. Lesson on Feb. 8

Introduction to Course. Movement as first tool for Film Language .

2. Lesson on Feb. 15

Feb 09

We will examine movement as a fundamental and expressive tool in film language.

3. Lesson on Feb. 22

Feb 19

we will screen movement exercises and examine Murnau's film Sunrise for how movement is used as an expressive tool.

4. Lesson on March 1

Feb 26

We will examine frame as an expressive tool in film language

5. Lesson on March 8

Mar 05

We will examine frame as an expressive tool of film language

6. Lesson on March 15

Mar 12

We will look at narration and point of view theory, examining clips from the film Marketa Lazarova to illustrate how POV helps audience to believe that what they are seeing has really happened.

7. Midterm

A test is given on material covered during lectures on movement, frame, POV and composition

8. Lesson on March 29

Mar 16


9. Lesson on April 12

Mar 26

We will explore using depth of field as an expressive tool

10. Lesson on April 19

Apr 02

Shot Sizes - we will explore how different shot sizes fulfill different functions in film language.

11. Lesson on April 26

Apr 09

We will look at shot size exercises and start to explore color theory.

12. Lesson on May 3

Apr 16

We continue to explore color, understanding additive and subtractive colors, complementary combinations and ways in which color can be used to enhance a film's drama

13. Lesson on May 10

Apr 23

We explore how filmmakers work with angles and axes as expressive tool for dramatic storytelling.

14. Final Exam

May 17
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