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2021 Spring

ISLAM AND THE WEST - IRS367/IRS667 Spring 2021

Ebru Akcasu
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to ‘Islam and the West’

Feb 8

Go over syllabus and course requirements. Discussion of the terminology, definitions, and paradigms that are relevant for the study of ‘Islam and the West.’ Discuss how to sign up for student presentations.

2. The Emergence and Spread of Islam

Feb 15

Features of the Arab peninsula prior to the advent of Islam, the life of Islam’s prophet Mohammed through the first three centuries of the religion’s spread.

3. The Crusades

Feb 22

Multiple perceptions of the Crusades, their social, economic, political, and relations between the "Islamicate World" and the "West."

4. The Renaissance

Mar 1

Cultural and Scientific Exchanges. The impact of European geographical expansion on global dynamics and the Islamicate world.

5. Early-Modern Renegades

Mar 8

Individual migration and conversion in the early modern period. Cultural exchanges and expectations, perceptions, and experiences of those traversing the borders between Islamicate world and Europe.

6. The Age of Revolutions

Mar 15

Comparative summary and analysis of events transpiring in the Islamicate world from the post-classical age through the Age of Revolutions.

7. At the Dawn of the Nineteenth Century

Mar 22

Challenges faced by the Islamicate world in the years immediately preceding and following Napoleon's invasion of Egypt.

8. Mid-Term Exam.

Mar 29

9. European Imperialism and Modernity

Apr 12

A deliberation of the concepts of modernization and westernization in the nineteenth century Islamicate world. Institutional changes and cultural negotiations.

10. Intellectuals without Borders

Apr 26

11. Identity and Mobility

May 3

12. The Road to War and the Mandate Period

May 10

The Great War, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the making of the Modern Middle East.

13. Modernity, Productivity, and the State

May 10

14. Islam, the West, and the Media

May 17

Contemporary media representations of Islam and Muslims and whether or not they perpetuate assumptions of civilizational dichotomies.

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