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2021 Spring


Radka MacGregor
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Legal Systems and Methods is an introduction to the English legal system and describes the distinctiveness of the common law approach as a legal methodology. The module is vital in initiating students into the process of legal research and the understanding of legal reasoning. This course aims to achieve an overview of the central institutions and processes of the English legal system and to introduce students to techniques of legal interpretation and legal research.

Here is the course outline:

1. Review and Case Note

Jan 19, Online

Reviewing Part A and B, 1st – 10th Chapter, Case Note

2. Part C: Legal System - 11th Chapter SG

Jan 26, online

Courts in the English legal system

3. 12th Chapter SG

Jan 29, online

The constitutional role of judicairy

4. 13rd Chapter SG

Feb 2, online

Judicial Appointment and Diversity

5. 14th Chapter

Feb 9, online

Legal Professionals.

6. Review Part C: Legal System - 11th - 14th Chapter SG

Feb 12, online

Essay Drafting with Feedback.

7. Case Note

Feb 16, online

Case Note

8. 15th Chapter SG

Feb 19, online

The civil justice system

9. 16th Chapter SG

Feb 23, online

Access to civil justice and legal aid

10. 17th Chapter SG

Feb 26, online

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

11. 18th Chapter SG

Mar 2, online

The criminal justice system

12. 19th Chapter SG

Mar 9, online

The investigation and prosecution of crime

13. 20th Chapter SG

Apr 13, online

The jury

14. Review Part C: Legal System - 15th - 20th Chapter SG

Apr 20, online

Essay drafting with feedback.

15. Last Lesson - Review

Apr 27, online


16. FIRST Extra Lesson - Ivory Act

May 4
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