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2021 Spring

PRE - COMPOSITION - COM099 Spring 2021

Robert Warren
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The course is designed to improve students

Here is the course outline:

1. Course Introduction & Assessment Test

Feb 11

This class will open the topic of composition and language uses in an academic context. Students will have the chance to get to know each other and address any queries they may have about the course and its outline.

2. Grammar Review: Past, Present and Future Tenses (Friday make-up class)

Feb 18

Using last week’s assessment test and a series of other materials, students will recap the fundamentals of tense usage.

3. Academic Essay Writing: What? Why? How?

Feb 25

This class will examine the core principles and methods used in producing academic essays; from structuring paragraphs to developing objective argumentation.

4. The Art of Public Speaking: Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Mar 4

Here the course takes a momentary pause from systems of writing and examines the skill of building argumentation and holding an audience by using the practice of public speaking.

5. Student Presentations (over MT)

Mar 11

In this session the students will get the chance to show their persuasive presentations and face questions from their peers. Due to the time it will take to watch and review each presentation, there will be no online session this week, while the live session will be extended by 45 minutes.

6. Conditional Tenses (If clauses)

Mar 18

This class is dedicated to understanding the multiple uses of conditional tenses and clause structure.

7. Essay Writing: Comparative Analysis (Friday make-up class)

Mar 25

This class focuses on building a comparative analysis of two fictional short stories; both share common underlying themes but differ in many other respects.

8. Understanding Subjectivity & Objectivity

Apr 1

This class asks the question: What is the difference between subjective and objective analysis? Using a series of powerful images from the 20th century, students will delve deep into the world of opinion, and the challenges of presenting an objective perspective.

9. Grammar Review: Article & Noun Usage

Apr 15

Through grammatical theory and grammar exercises students will gain an understanding of the importance of correct article and corresponding noun usage.

10. Critique Writing: Influential Art

Apr 22

Students will learn how to write a subjective critique on a piece of creative work (music, art or film).

11. Grammar Review: Subordinate & Relative Clauses

Apr 29

Through grammatical theory and exercises students will gain an understanding of clause structure, conditional tenses, and corresponding punctuation usage.

12. Short Story Analysis: Ethics, Tradition, and Peer Pressure

May 6

This class centers on societal ideas of tradition and taboo; what is and is not acceptable in your own culture(s)? The topic will be further developed by using the once-controversial short-story ‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson.

13. Academic Writing Review: Sample Essay Analysis

May 13

This class is aimed at building on student’s current understanding of writing methods; reinforcing concepts taught earlier in the semester, as well as introducing more advanced techniques.

14. Course feedback & Film Screening

May 20

The final class will not require an online portion, focusing instead on a complete overview of the semester’s main topics and assessments; providing additional feedback and fielding student questions. The class will finish with a topical film screening and discussion.

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