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2021 Spring


Karen Grunow-Harsta
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Here is the course outline:

1. Take the Entry Level Assessment

Feb 10

Entry Level Assessment Scheme Dear students, At Anglo-American University, we strive to provide the best education possible to our students. We have developed Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) to track students’ progress and success in three key areas: critical thinking, communication, and effective and responsible action. As a new student, here you will take the Entry Level Assessment Scheme / COM Placement Test. Its primary intention is to conduct an analysis of your skills in areas of language, reading comprehension and writing skills. This helps to place you in the appropriate Composition class as part of your General Education at AAU. Ultimately, we will compare the results of your whole cohort with the results of the Exit Level Assessment Scheme, which is to be taken just before graduation. The assessment is ungraded, which means it will not affect your future grades and GPA in any way. Because we use the results to place our students in the appropriate composition course for your writing competence, you need to take the assessment seriously: if you score too low intentionally, you will not get enough from the composition course, and if you accept any external help when completing the assessment, you will be placed in a composition course too hard for your entry level skills. The assessment will also help us to better serve and support you in your grammar, reading and writing in our courses. What you need to know about the assessment: 1. The test has a 90 minute time limit and has three sections: a) grammar; b) reading; and c) writing composition. 2. The test will NOT affect your future grades. However, if you cheat, you will end up in a course that will not help you enough to progress in your studies. 3. All degree-seeking students on both BA and MA level need to take the assessment at the beginning of their studies at AAU. 4. Go to "Assignments" on the left-hand menu or click below to begin the assessment. 5. The assessment is timed, so be prepared to spend 90 minutes or less total at your computer. 6. You need to complete the assessment BEFORE this Friday, 29 January. This gives us time to place you in the appropriate COM section prior to/during orientation. Please do your best and welcome to AAU! Richard Olehla, Vice President of Academic Quality and Accreditation

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