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2021 Summer


Vidhu Maggu
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Here is the course outline:



Information is provided for the following assignments: (i) Class participation - 15% (ii) Quiz -20% (iii)Midterm - 25% (iv) Individual Project(SSP)- 20% (v) Group Project -20%

2. POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS- All presentations included

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All topics included in the syllabus

4. Week 1, Day 1- Introduction

May 31, MT

General overview of the course, different types of marriages families, functions of families Marriages and Families over Time Reading: Schwartz & Scott, Chap. 1

5. Week 1, Day 2- Marriage and family over time, Theoretical Perspectives

Jun 1, MT

Topics- Marriage and family over time, Theoretical Perspectives - Post requests for topics for Individual Project

6. Week 1, Day 3- Theoretical Perspectives, Many face of love

Jun 2, MT

Theories; Many face of love Reading: Schwartz & Scott, Chap.4, PPT Assignments/deadlines: Writing your own script: Social construction of reality. Finalise teams (for final team projects) and post requests for topics.

7. Week 1, Day 4-Many face of love, Quiz (20%)

Jun 3, MT,Neo

8. Week 2, Day 1- Dating, Coupling and Mate Selection

Jun 7, MT

Dating, Coupling and Mate selection Assignments/deadlines: Class Discussion-Debating Social Issues: To regulate or not, that is the question. Optional reading: Conventions of Courtship: Gender and Race Differences in the Significance of Dating Rituals Pamela Braboy Jackson, Sibyl Kleiner, Claudia Geist, and Kara Cebulko

9. Week 2, Day 2- Non-marital Lifestyles

Jun 8, Neo,MT

Reading: Non-marital Lifestyles.

10. Week 2, Day 3 - The Marriage Experience, Revision for Midterm

Jun 9, MT

Topic: The Marriage Experience, Reproduction and Parenting Reading: Schwartz & Scott, Chap.9, PPT The Marriage Experience: Change and continuity in the meaning of marriage, Marriage traditions and rituals. Assignments/deadlines: Group presentation (PPT, Prezi) to be uploaded on Neo at least 2 days before final Presentation Group Report may be uploaded on the day of the presentation. Part of in class activities - Debating Social Issues (if time permits) /files/2733990/Debating_social_issues.._to_regulate_or_not(3).pdf

11. Week 2, Day 4: MIDTERM EXAM (25%)

Jun 10, Neo

MIDTERM EXAM (25%) All topics covered in class till Non Marital lifestyle will be included in the Exam. All the best! Asynchronous exercise after the Midterm - Teams meet to prepare project proposal and upload their proposal (1-2 page long) on MT based on the template provided.

12. Week 3, Day 1 SSP (Individual presentation) Class starts at 11.00 hrs

Jun 14, Neo, MT

Description: Twenty percent (40 points) of your total grades are based on a project that you select from the choices provided. Some of these projects will require consultation with me. Your paper and presentation should demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter covered in class. You must include the terms, theories and other relevant material you have learnt in class, to demonstrate complete comprehension of the reading material. For students, who have selected Family Tree, please ensure that you include at least 3 generations from both sides of the family and explain the relationship in detail, focusing on a certain pattern which is found to repeat itself. ( for e.g. interracial marriage, re-marriage, adoption etc.). You will be required to explain the family tree in class. Each student will make a five minute presentation and submit a 1-2 page paper. In case you use presentation, it should not be more than 10 slides. Reference your work properly.

13. Week 3, Day 2-Team Project Presentation( Last day of class)

Jun 15, Neo, MT

i) Team Project Presentation, ii) Gender OR Evolving work and family structure- topic of your choice and if time permits. Team Project description: Each group will make a 20 minute presentation to the class on a topic mutually agreed. Due: Any one member of the group should upload the report on Neo/MT by the due date.

14. Week 3- Understanding Gender (if time permits)

Jun 15

Understanding Gender: It’s Influence in Intimate Relationships. Reading: Newman, Chap.2- Gender and families, PPT i) Gender Reading: Text Book- Gender Extra Text Book reading material Article: Article: Toys get a sex change Toys Get Sex Change: LEGO Scores Big By Catering To Girls

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