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2022 Spring


Marek Cerveny
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction. Syllabus, Assignments and Chronology.

Feb 8, Classroom

Introduction to chronology. Overview of important moments in the history and story of the city.

2. Introduction to terminology, styles, orders and iconography

Feb 15, Classroom, Lesser Town

Overview of the relevant artistic styles. Short presentation.

3. Romanesque and Gothic Prague

Feb 22, Prague Castle

Excursion to Prague Castle - examples of medieval architecture - Basilica of St. George, Cathedral of St. Vitus, Wladislas Hall. Short presentation

4. Gothic Art, Devotional Art and the Bohemian Reformation + Introduction to Christian iconography

Mar 1, Old Town

Excursion to St. Agnes Convent (National Gallery) and Old Town Short presentation.

5. Historicism: Classicism, Romanticism and the Czech National Revival (1780 - 1900)

Mar 8, Vyšehrad, New Town

Excursion to Vyšehrad Castle, examples of Eclectic architecture, National Revial Short presentation. Museum Report 1 DUE!

6. Introduction to modern iconography

Mar 15, New Town

Excursion to New Town Museum Report 1 DUE!

7. Modernism 1: Early 20th-century architecture, Art nouveau, Cubism and Functionalism (1900 - 1948)

Mar 22, New Town

Excursion: architectural sites around the New Town, Municipal house Short presentation.

8. Renaissance Prague; The art court of Rudolf II (1526 - 1620)

Apr 5, Prague Castle and Lesser Town

Excursion Prague Castle Gardens and Wallenstein Garden. Short presentations

9. Baroque art and architecture I(1611 - 1790)

Apr 12, Hradčany, Lesser Town

Excursion to Strahov Monastery, Vrtba Garden, Our Lady Victorious, Charles Bridge Short presentation. Museum Report 2 DUE!

10. Baroque art and architecture II(1620 - 1780)

Apr 19

Excursion to Troja Chateau Short presentation.

11. Modernism 2: Early 20th century art: František Kupka and Czech Avant-garde, (1900 - 1948)

Apr 26

Excursion to National Gallery - Veletržni Palace Short presentation.

12. Socialist-Realism and ‘unofficial art’ (1948-1989)

May 3, National Memorial Vitkov Hill, Žižkov, New Town

Excursion to National Memorial Vitkov Hill Short presentation.

13. Class Excursion

May 10

Excursion to one of the historical sites near Prague - Karlštejn/ Kutná Hora

14. Final session

May 17, Classroom

Final test and presentations. Final Report due.

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