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2022 Spring


Alena Foustkova
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This course gives students an insightful orientation into the history of western art from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period through the architecture and art of Prague. The city is seen as a virtual openair museum and a life-size 3-D reading book; therefore the classroom lectures are combined with regular excursions throughout the city.

Here is the course outline:

Class 1 - The course expectations + Discover your neighborhood

Feb 10 11:30am .. 2:15pm

Meeting in class first to discuss the Syllabus + course expectations. Later - Field trip: Walk and talk about the history of the AAU location: Thurn-Taxis palace, Vojan gardens + The neighborhood Description: See your closest surroundings and their historical importance. Review questions from practical field trips to NEO – 10% (in total from the course) Reading: Pdf lecture 1 Homework: Watch a video on Gothic cathedrals, link in NEO – questions will be asked during the field trip of class 4 (Activity points awarded).

Class 2 - Field trip - St. Agnes monastery - National gallery

Feb 17 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: St. Agnes Gothic monument The earliest Gothic monastery in Bohemia + Gothic painting / sculpture Location: St. Agnes monastery, National gallery

Class 3 - Field trip: Jewish Town

Feb 24 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: The Jewish town field trip – prepare for walking during the entire class / wear comfortable shoes. Meeting in the AAU courtyard. Be on time. Students are required to read the pdf document about the Prague Jewish Ghetto before week 4. Review questions will be asked.

Class 4 - Field trip: Prague Castle walk

Mar 3 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip to the Prague Castle area (Interior of St. Vitus cathedral, the Old Royal palace, Saint George basilica) + Nerudova street (House signs) – prepare for walking during the entire class / wear comfortable shoes. (Video on the Gothic cathedrals from class 1 will be discussed – activity points awarded.) Homework – Graded 10% for week 5: Get familiar with house signs in Nerudova street + other parts of Prague Old Town. Make research + Place a short written assignments to NEO.

Class 5 - Field trip to the Charles Bridge / + Museum of the Charles bridge

Mar 10 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: The Charles Bridge, Square of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star, The Bridge towers, Museum of the Charles bridge + a Boat ride on the Vltava river Deadlines due – House signs from Nerudova street / NEO Forum (10%)

Class 6 – Field trip to the Old Town + The teacher's exhibition

Mar 17 11:30am .. 2:15pm

We will meet in class for the first 30 minutes to explain the Midterm task + topics. Then we join the class of Tony Ozuna and travel to the Gallery Havelka to see the show of the teacher. After that, we will walk around the monuments for the midterm to get familiar with their locations. Expectations for the guided tour in week 7 – 20% will be explained. Topics to select from will be provided with the task description. The Museum visit which was planned in the syllabus, will be moved to another date.

Class 7 – Midterm Student guided tour - 20%

Mar 24 11:30am .. 2:15pm

Midterm: AAU courtyard AAU courtyard - Field trip: The Guided Tour of selected locations by the students – 20% of the final grade The Old Town Walk Some of the topics: The Old Town square, Astronomical clock tower, Tyn church, House at the minute (Kafka), Charles University, Ungelt

Class 8 - Field trip: Gardens

Apr 7 11:30am .. 12:30pm

Final written essay hand-out + information, 20%, DUE by Thursday, May 19 Field trip after: Finest Renaissance gardens + Architecture and Manneristic Garden: Summer palace of Queen Anne, the Royal gardens, Wallenstein garden

Class 9 - Field trip - Baroque architecture of the Lesser Town + Brevnov monastery

Apr 14 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: Baroque architecture of St. Thomas church, Lesser Town square, St. Nicolas church + Brevnov monastery Homework: Watch a video on Baroque – NEO

Class 10 - Field trip – Trip to the Lesser Town, Kampa, Museum Kampa

Apr 21 11:30am .. 2:15pm

First - meeting in class - explanation of the Individual student presentations for week 11. After that we meet in the AAU courtyard - Field trip: Lesser Town + Kampa: Church of Our Lady Victorious, Monument against communism, Kampa Island + Museum Kampa (Modern art) Homework: Prepare an individual PPT presentation for week 11 – Your favorite place in Prague. Task description will be provided.

Class 11 Class student presentations - 20%

Apr 28 11:30am .. 2:15pm

Classroom student presentations: Your favorite place / monument / art piece to introduce to students – 20% Students prepare short PPT + oral presentation which will focus on their favorite art and architecture of Prague hidden away from the beaten path which they would like to share with the class.

Class 12 Field trip - The Industrial architecture

May 5 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: The Industrial style – Main train station, Secession/ Art Nouveau / Secession – The Jerusalem synagogue, The Municipal house Cubism – Czech version in architecture – Josef Gočár (ČSOB Bank, House by the Black Madonna)

Class 13 - Field trip – Development of a functional architecture

May 12 11:30am .. 2:15pm

Meeting in the classroom first for the presentation of Vladyslav. Then we leave for the gallery visit - Field trip: 20th century art and architecture - Development of a functional architecture independent from the decorative historical styles - visit of the National gallery - Exhibition palace.

Class 14 - Contemporary art and architecture

May 19 11:30am .. 2:15pm

AAU courtyard - Field trip: Contemporary art and architecture - DOX, Centre for contemporary art Assignments/deadlines: Final essay, 20% - due Place to NEO drop box + in a printed form to hand to teacher at the beginning of the last class!

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