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2022 Spring


Pavla Jonssonova
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Here is the course outline:

1. Subcultures Introduction

Introductions. Terminology: avant-garde, underground, alternative, NSM, counter-culture, subcultures. Theorizing sub/culture. Frankfurt and Birmingham School. Film: Hair by Milos Forman 115mins Hair is a 1979 musical war drama film adaptation of the 1968 Broadway musical Hair: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical about a Vietnam War draftee Claude Bukowski who meets and befriends a tribe of long-haired hippies on his way to the army induction center. The hippies (George Berger, Jeannie Ryan, as LaFayette "Hud" Johnson, Woof Daschund) introduce him to their environment of marijuana, LSD, unorthodox relationships and draft evasion, and love with Sheila Franklin. Learning outcomes: Name three branches of the avant-gardes pertinent to contemporary culture, their leaders and manifestoes. Name the theorist of counter-culture and his main work. Name schools theorizing culture, their timeframe, three representatives and main ideas. What four points does Lyotard give as creating the postmodern paradigm? When was Hair filmed? How do the three best known songs Aquarius, Hare Krishna and Good Morning Sunshine represent the hippie philosophy?

2. Counter-Culture

Required readings: Roszak, Theodore. The Making of a Counter Culture. University of California, 1969 Heath, Joseph, Potter, Andrew. The Rebell Sell. Toronto: Harper&Collins, 2005 Film: Captain Fantastic 2016 Assignment: R1 Questions for midterm test: time frame of hippie subculture, its peaks, three main personalities. Who is Theodore Roszak? Name five things he values about counter culture. Name five critical points on counter culture mentioned in The Rebel Sell.

3. Punk and postpunk subcultures

Midterm issues: Why is punk subculture of such high interest to cultural scholars? What is DYI? Name five US and five UK bands mentioned in Punk Attitude. Why is Hebdige’s semiotic approach to punk interesting?When Clark speaks about punk as social dissent, what does he mean? What does Clark mean by punk’s death? Why is punk the “last subculture”? How does Reynolds characterize postpunk? What are typical features of punk fashion?

4. Psychedelic Research. Drugs and subcultures

REQUIRED READING Keller, Robert. “Rappers, Ravers, and Rock Stars. The Deviatizing Hand of Music in Psychotropia”. in Psychotropic Drugs and Popular Culture 2008_LSD_Pharmacology The Atlantic: Pervitin Midterm issues: What does psychedelic mean? Who are the five main psychedelic researchers and what are their contributions? Who and when invented LSD? What is the specific contribution of the Czech researcher Stanislav Grof? Film showing: Katka

5. Culture Jamming Art and Politics

Culture Jamming Art and Politics Political Art Collectives: Ztohoven, Podebal, Guma Guar, Rafani. Culture Jamming Required reading: Klein, Naomi. “Culture Jamming.” in No Logo. London: Flamingo, 2001. Harris, Stephen: “What is Cheaper than Nothing at All?” Film: Czech Dream by Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda

6. music & subcultures

REQUIRED READING Frith, Simon. Music for Pleasure The Polity Reader in Cultural Theory. London: Polity, 1994. Carrington, Ben, and Brian Wilson (in Bennett and Kahn-Harris): “Dance Nations: Rethinking Youth Subcultural Theory,” pp. 65-78 Recommended: Rap and the Uses of Hip-hop Culture 110-134 in: Huq, Rupa. Beyond Subculture. Pop, Youth and Identity in a Postcolonial World. London: Routledge, 2006. Jurková, Zuzana. Prague Soundscapes „Electronic Dance Music“, „Music and Rebellion“ (AAU library)

7. Czech Music History. The Underground

8. MIdterm zine project presentation

Apr 20

9. Graffiti: Urban decore or political art?

Graffiti lecture Graffiti films excerpts: Banksy Presents: The Antics Roadshow (2011) REQUIRED READING Magid, Václav. CAP Crew In: Crew Against People (Bley, Crap, Dize, Key, Kto, Masker, Mosd). Praha, Bigg Boss, 2007. Pospiszyl, Tomáš, Lékó, István. 1-19 in: Street Art Praha. Praha, Arbor vitae, 2007. Film showing: Exit Through the Gift Shop

10. street art

Graffiti and street art Field trip Tesnov, Trafacka REQUIRED READING: Kaláb, Jan, Barenthin Lindblad, Tobias. 10-15 in: Names. Praha, Trafačka, 2008. Pospiszyl, Tomáš, Lékó, István. 1-19 in: Street Art Praha. Praha, Arbor vitae, 2007.

11. New Social movements. Squatting and Anarchism

What are the new social movements Williams talk about in Related Fields? history of anarchism. history of squatting

12. Students movement gone radical. Baader - Meinhoff

in 1968 in many countries of the world students were on strike at their universities. in Germany, still facing remnants of fascism, the movement radicalized in Red Army Faction, lead by Andreas Baader and Julia Meinhoff.

13. Extreme Sports: Parkour saves subcultures at District 13

David Belle saves his sister and all the great subcultures of District 13

14. Final projects presentation

15. Action Art and Happening

Performance, Action, Happening

16. Hipsters old and new. Recycling.

17. Hip hop guest lecture

Anna Oravcova, Ph.D.

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