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2022 Spring

INTRODUCTION TO LAW - LEG101/1 Spring 2022

Jiri Kasny
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to Law

Feb 4

Custom and law in the context of living together

2. Constitutional Law

Feb 11

Government and citizens

3. Attitudes Toward the Law

Feb 18

The concept and the scale

4. Property Law

Feb 25

Legal ways to protect property

5. Contracts

Mar 4

Contracts and treaties

6. Crimes

Mar 11

Criminal law

7. Torts

Mar 18

Intention, negligence and strict liability

8. Crimes and Torts

Mar 25

Comparative study

9. Forms and Procedures

Apr 22

Legal forms and procedures

10. Forms and Procedures

Apr 22

Make-up class

11. European Continental Law

Apr 29

European Continental Legal Tradition

12. Common Law and Russian Law

May 6

Anglo-American Law and Russian Law Traditions

13. Home Essay 3

May 13

Presentation and discussion

14. Home Essay 3

May 20

Presentations and feedback

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