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2022 Spring


Silvia Klincekova
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Here is the course outline:

1. Review of Syllabus, Course Expectations Introduction to Marketing

Feb 9

Introduction of course and course objectives, review of syllabus and schedule. Let's start off by looking at the underlying reasons for why marketing exists.

2. Marketing Strategy, Marketing Environment

Feb 16

A general overview of the Marketing Strategy concept. This week will also be dedicated to closely analyzing the marketing environment through tools such as PESTLE, SWOT and the BCG Matrix to further understand the forces which affect marketing.

3. Marketing Mix 4P – PRODUCT

Feb 23

Description of marketing mix 4P with detailed focus on product.

4. Marketing Mix 4P - PRICE

Mar 2

Description of marketing mix 4P with detailed focus on price.

5. Marketing mix 4P – PLACE/DISTRIBUTION

Mar 9

Description of marketing mix 4P with detailed focus on place/distribution.


Mar 16

Description of marketing mix 4P with detailed focus on promotion, integrated marketing communication.

7. Extended Marketing Mix

Apr 6

Description of extended marketing mix – 3P. People, process and physical evidence.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility

Apr 13

Explanation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and further discussion about business ethics, values and its principles.

9. Consumer Buyer Behaviour

Apr 20

Explanation of Consumer Buyer Behaviour and further discussion about the Models of Consumer Behaviour, types of Consumer Buying Behavior and the Buyer Decision Process.

10. Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Apr 27

Identify the benefits of online marketing to consumers and marketers, and the ways in which marketers can conduct online marketing and social media marketing. Discussion about the future of marketing, new and upcoming trends.

11. Agile Marketing

May 11

Introduction of Agile Marketing. Agile marketing manifesto and its value. The 70:20:10 rule.

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