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2022 Spring

BUSINESS LAW - LBS201 Spring 2022

Radka MacGregor
For information about registration please contact our admissions.

The course deals with basic principles of Business law in connection with everyday practice in the life o manager. Students will be introduced to judicial review and decision of key cases, statutes and other statutory provisions with special emphasis dedicated to current situation in United States, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. The main aim of this course is to provide students with knowledge related to contract theory, corporations and other business organizations, securities regulations, investments, mergers and acquisitions etc. Successful graduate should be able not just to merely distinguish theoretical approaches but he should be capable to applying these either in Czech or more importantly in international business environment.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introductory Class and the definition of the law and business law

Feb 8

Class information, Discussion of class expectations, Introduction to the issue. A brainstorm discussion about the foundation and meaning of the law and business law.

2. Nature, objective and functions of Law, Legal reasoning, Sources of Law, Legal Families

Feb 15

Law, Legal system, Legal order v. ethics, moral, Macro and micro-functions of law, Primary and secondary sources. Common law and Continental (Civil) law, history, differences

3. Three pillars of the Business law v. Public law and Private law; v. Substantive and Procedural law

Feb 22

Fundamental concepts, methods and principles applied in/for the Business law. Setting business, corporation and competition - Constitutional law, Administrative law, Criminal law vs. Civil law, Contracts and Torts; Adjudication v. ADR.

4. Launching business. Business forms. Quiz 1.

Mar 1

Trade Licensing. Sole proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, Shareholder company.

5. Business governance, corporation structures.

Mar 4 11am .. 1pm, ONLINE only !!!!

Business governance, corporation structures.

6. Introduction of Contracts. Quiz 2.

Mar 15

Agreement v. ct, 4 content requirements, form requirements. Reading: Chap 17 and 19 and materials posted at NEO page.

7. Mid-Term Exam

Mar 22

Testing – drafting two legal essays.

8. Contract provisions and their interpretation.

Apr 5

Agreement v. ct, 4 content requirements, form requirements.

9. Legal Research Project presentation - Corruption/EU law

Apr 12

Students individual ppt or prezi or documentary presentations.

10. Extracontractual liability, torts and delicts and collection of Legal Research Projects

Apr 19

Reasonable care, causality, damage, responsibility-liability. Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100

11. Competition law.

Apr 26

Competition, antimonopoly, antitrust, public aid. Unfair competition.

12. Team Presentations – 1st group


ONLINE !!!! Presentations by all students grouped in teams, peer-review

13. Team Presentations – 2nd group

May 10

Presentations by all students grouped in teams, peer-review

14. Final Exam

May 17

Testing – drafting two legal essays

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