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2022 Spring

COMPOSITION II - COM102/1 Spring 2022

Anthony Marais
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COM 102 develops the writing skills taught in COM 101: It hones the student’s ability to think critically and originally; consolidates their ability to make appropriate stylistic choices with regard to specific purpose, register and genre, and it reiterates the stages of the writing process. Moreover, COM 102 concentrates on developing the skills required to produce a substantial academic research paper. These include: critical reading and research, formulating and supporting a thesis, incorporating credible sources and properly employing citation and bibliographic techniques.

Here is the course outline:

1. Critical Thinking

Feb 7

Syllabus Review, The Writing Process, Aristotlean Appeals, Critical Thinking

2. Rhetoric

Feb 14

Concision, Prewriting, Citation Styles, Prototype Semantics, Isocrates’ Didactic Approach, “Bullshit” in academic writing

3. Analytical Reading

Feb 21

Text analysis, In-Text Citations, Thesis Statements vs. Claims, Academic Ethos

4. Prewriting

Feb 28

Drafting an Extended Outline, Film Screening (to be announced)

5. Citation Styles

Mar 7

Online Databases, Boolean Operators, Types of Research, Peer Review

6. Information Literacy

Mar 14

Online Databases, The CRAAP Test, The Academy of Sciences Library

7. Referencing

Mar 21

Quoting, Text Analysis, Compiling a List of References

8. Plagiarism

Apr 4

Types of Plagiarism, Paraphrasing

9. Select a Topic

Apr 11

Thesis Statements and Claims, The Oscar Wilde Taste Test

10. Working Bibliography

Apr 25

Aphorisms about Conciseness, Citation Styles, Quotations, Editing Exercise

11. Extended Outline

May 2

Examining Sample Papers, Formatting, Long Quotations

12. Drafting

May 9

Final Paper Checklist, Editing Exercise, Peer Review

13. Peer Review

May 16

Hyphens-Italics-Capitals, In-Class Peer Evaluation

14. Final Paper Defense

May 23

Presentation and Defense of Research Papers

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