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2022 Spring

COMMERCIAL LAW - LEG341/B Spring 2022

Massimiliano Pastore
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Here is the course outline:

1. Agency II: Types of Authority

Apr 14

Actual vs non- actual, express vs implied/usual/apparent authority.

2. Agency I: Introduction

Apr 7

A bird's eye view of the main topics in the law of agency.

3. Security Interests

Mar 3

Real and Personal Securities: mortgages, pledges, liens, charges, guarantees, indemnities. Assignments. Set-Off.

4. Bills of Exchange (II)

Types of Holders. Liabilities.

5. Bills of Exchange (II)

Types of Holders. Liabilities.

6. The Banker - Customer Relationship

Feb 24

Chapter 6.2 Study Guide

7. Bills of Exchange (I)

Introduction, definitions, transfers.

8. Sales (5)

May 2

Seller's remedies. Retention of title clauses.

9. Sales (4)

Apr 25

Buyers' remedies

10. Sales (3)

Apr 11

Delivery, acceptance and payment. Implied Terms.

11. Sales (2)

Apr 4

The Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet Rule and its exceptions.

12. Sales (1)

Mar 21

Definitions. Transfer of Title. Passing of Ownership and Risk.

13. Property (2)

Mar 14

Legal vs equitable interest, transfer of title, bailments

14. Property (1)

Feb 28

Classification (real rights, rights ad rem, personal rights and other).

15. Introduction to Commercial Law

A bird's eye view on selected issues from the syllabus

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