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2022 Spring


Yulia Sheveleva
For information about registration please contact our admissions.


Here is the course outline:

1. Course Introduction

Feb 17 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Required. Practical info about the course and its requirements. Required and optional class meeting. Assignments. Internship requirements. You will meet AAU Career Development Specialist and will learn how you can benefit from career counseling.

2. Professional Branding: CVs & Beyond.

Feb 24 6:30pm .. 9:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Required. Establishing and maintaining your professional brand. CV writing: make it concise and eye-catching. Cover letter: why and how to write one. LinkedIn - a powerful modern tool to nurture your professional network.

3. The Importance of a Job Interview

Mar 10 6:30pm .. 9:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Required. Purpose of a job interview and your role there. Interview types. What to do before, during and after an interview. Dealing with nervousness.

4. Challenges and Conflicts at the Workplace. Salary Negotiations.

Mar 17 6:30pm .. 9:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Required. Challenging situations you can face at work and dealing with them in practice. Conflict resolution. How and when to negotiate salary. What is a burnout and how to prevent it?

5. Industry Insider 1. Corporate Recruitment

Mar 24 6:30pm .. 9:30pm, Room 3.26 / MS Teams

Optional. Guest speaker: Tereza Kickova, previously Recruiting Consultant at Hays, currently PhD candidate and researcher on impact of authentic leadership on employees. Tips on job search from a professional recruiter.

6. Czech Work Visas for Non-EU Citizens

Apr 7 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Optional. Guest speaker: Martin Faů, Residency options in Czechia for graduates. EU nationals and their family members vs 3rd country nationals - who needs a work permit? Working after student visa and "other" visa. Self-employment, freelancing, own business.

7. Industry Insider 2. Fund Investing and Venture Capital

Apr 14 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Optional. Guest speaker: Vladimír Palička, Analyst at RSJ Investments, previously Analyst M&A at KPMG

8. Industry Insider 3. Marketing, Advertising and Creative Agency

Apr 21 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Optional. Guest speaker: Anastasia Aleksashova, Marketing Manager at Ematix

9. Staying Productive in the Digital Age

Apr 28 6:30pm .. 9:15pm, Room 2.07 / MS Teams

Required Based on studies from the GrowJOB Institute

10. Industry Insider 4. Entrepreneurship and Startups

May 5 6:31pm .. 8:31pm, MS Teams only

Optional. Guest speaker: Simone Bertolone, Managing Director at Collection Hub, Startup Mentor at Founder Institute, Payments Director at Orka Ventures

11. Industry Insider 5. Growth Mindset

May 12 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, Room 3.26 / MS Teams

Optional. Guest speakers: (1) Paola Calacione, P&Os Global Learning & Development Expert, Novartis (2) Ioana Nicolae, Vulnerability Detection Service Delivery Manager, Novartis

12. Experience Take-Aways

May 19 6:30pm .. 8:30pm, MS Teams only


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