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2022 Spring


Piotr Sikora
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This course examines the key developments in Western art and architecture from World War II until the beginning of the 21st century. The classes will cover Post-War Abstraction both in USA and Europe, Post-War Figuration, Art brut and Pop Art. It will also cover changes in the 1960s art with the rise of Conceptualism and Happenings. It will cover Process Art, Nouveau Realisme, Body Art, Minimalism and Land Art. Later it will concentrate on Postmodern Architecture and Art, covering new developments in Photography and Video Art as well. It will also cover exciting global changes of the 1990s and introduce students to the contemporary art scene. Slide-based lectures will be supplemented by discussions about important art terms, artworks and visits to representative sights and exhibitions in Prague.

Here is the course outline:

1. Emancipation of a Viewer. From Democratization to Banalization.

Feb 6

2. 19th Century Legacy

Feb 20


3. Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism

Feb 27


4. Music and Spirituality: Early Abstraction

Apr 3

5. The Dada and the Post-War Avant-garde.

Apr 10


6. Surrealism

Apr 17

7. Art for Art or Art for Sale: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, New Realism

Apr 24

8. A Chair Is a Chair Is a Urinal: Marcel Duchamp and Conceptual Art

May 1

9. After Conceptualism: Minimalism, Land Art, Environmental Art

May 8

10. Feminism and politically engaged art practice

Apr 27

11. Tendencies in Contemporary Art: Postmodernism, Photorealism, New Media, Performance

May 4

12. What is Post-Internet?

May 11

13. Crazy ‘80, Crazier ‘90

Apr 27
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