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2022 Spring

CRIMINAL LAW - LEG152/B Spring 2022

Marvin Tador
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Here is the course outline:

1. Criminal Homicide

Jan 21

This lesson will cover involuntary manslaughter, constructive manslaughter, and gross negligence manslaughter.

2. Rape

Jan 25, Prague, Czech Republic
30 min

This lesson will cover the Sexual Offences Act (SOA 2003).

3. Non-fatal offences Against the person

Feb 15, Prague, Czech Republic

Non-fatal offences against the person takes two forms.

4. General Defences

Mar 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Probing the two types of general defences: affirmative defences and failure of proof defences.

5. Property Offences

Mar 15, Prague, Czech Republic

This section covers theft, burglary, and fraud. We will analyze why Phil Ivey lost over £7.7m winnings from a London casino.

6. Criminal Damage

Apr 12, Prague, Czech Republic

This topic surveys the Criminal Damage Act 1971, particularly, the simple criminal damage and aggravated criminal damage.

7. Criminal Attempts

Apr 5, Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, CZ-118 00 Praha 1

What is the law of attempts for – retribution or prevention?

8. Participation in Crime

Apr 22, Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, CZ-118 00 Praha 1

What is a principal?

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