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2022 Spring

PRE - COMPOSITION - COM099 Spring 2022

Colleen Timmons
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Here is the course outline:

1. Class 1 - Course Introduction & Assessment Test

Feb 7 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Syllabus overview: Description of course aims, structure, assessment, and expectations Writing Topic: The Writing Process Reading: Bailey, Part 1.1 Background to Writing Assessment Test Overview: Grammar & common mistakes (will be completed in class) Assignment: Summary of the writing process (due next class - submit on NEO)

2. Class 2 - Parts of Speech/Audience and Style

Feb 14 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Summary of Writing Process due Grammar Topic: The Parts of Speech Writing Topic: Audience and Stylistic choices Readings & exercises: Ankar, Chapters 2 & 7 relevant exercises in Ankar Assignment: Stylistic contrast: Letter writing in formal and informal registers (due Feb 21- submit on NEO)

3. Class 3 - Articles/Critical Thinking

Feb 21 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Letter writing assignment due Grammar Topic: Articles Writing Topic: Critical Thinking & Reading Readings & exercises: Bailey Part 1.2B - Reading: developing critical approaches Ankar, Chapter1 Murphy Units 69-77 Complete relevant exercises in Ankar

4. Class 4 - Avoiding Plagiarism

Feb 28 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Topic: Avoiding plagiarism Readings & exercises: Bailey Part 1.3 - Avoiding plagiarism Assignments: TEST #1

5. Class 5 - Paragraph and Sentence Structure

Mar 7 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Writing Topic: Paragraph Structure & Topic Sentences Language Topic: Sentence Structure: Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences and Sentence Combining Readings & exercises: Ankar, Chapters 3, 5 & 8 In class assignment - Relevant exercises Ankar

6. Class 6 - Revision and Peer Review

Mar 14 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Writing Topic: Revision & Peer review Language Topic: Sentence Fragments, Run-ons and Comma Splices Readings & exercises: Ankar, Chapters 4, 9 & 10 In class assignment - Relevant exercises in Ankar Deadline: 1st Draft of Process Analysis Paragraph due (copies for peer review)

7. Class 7 - Narration, Illustration, Description & Classification

Mar 21 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Writing Topic: Narration, Illustration, Description, Classification Readings & Exercises: Ankar, Chapter 5 Allen Pace Nilsen, Sexism and Language (on Neo) Deadline: Final draft of Process Analysis Paragraph due (submit on NEO). Assignment: Draft of Illustrative Paragraph (take to ATC)

8. Class 8 - Subject Verb Agreement/Comparative Analysis

Apr 4 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Grammar Topic: Subject-Verb Agreement Writing Topic: Essay Writing: Comparative Analysis Outlining and Citations Readings & Exercises: Bailey, Part 2.4 Comparisons Readings: Ankar, Chapters 5 & 11 Deadline: Illustrative paragraph due (submit on NEO) Assignment: Outline and draft of comparative essay

9. Class 9 - Verb Tense/Argument

Apr 11 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Grammar Topic: Verb Tense Problems Writing Topic: Argument, Moving from Paragraphs to Essays: Essay structure, Thesis Statements & Evaluating Supports Reading & Exercises: Ankar, Chapter 6 & 12 Relevant exercise in Ankar & Murphy texts Deadline: outline of comparative essay due May 2 Book a session with a tutor, visit Academic Tutoring Center

10. Class 10-Writing Workshop

Apr 25, Academic Tutoring Center

Writing workshop: Review examples of compare & contrast outline and essay structure Student Conferences at the ATC Take your Outline and Draft of Comparison Essay to the Academic Tutoring Center. In Class Assignment: Test #2

11. Class 11 - Reference, Pronouns, Adjectives & Adverbs, and Misplaced Modifiers

May 2 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Grammar Topic: Reference, Pronouns, Adjectives & Adverbs, and Misplaced Modifiers Reading & Exercises: Ankar, Chapter 13 Murphy (98-101) Deadline: - Outline of comparative essay due Assignment: draft of comparative essay (due for next class)

12. Class 12 - Student Presentations of Essay

May 9 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Writing Topic: Student Presentations of Essay Language Topic: Word Choice, Commonly Confused words, Parallelism. Reading & Exercises: Ankar, Chapter 14 & 15 Relevant exercises in Ankar Deadline for submission of tutor report. Students will submit draft of essays for review

13. Class 13 - Review

May 16 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

Overview of main topics and assessments; providing additional feedback and fielding student questions in preparation for the final exam. Deadline: Final Draft of Comparison Essay. Submit on Neo via Turnitin

14. Class 14 - Final Exam

May 23 2:45pm .. 5:30pm, Room 2.04

FINAL EXAM (essay and language questions)

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