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2022 Spring


Ivan Tomek
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This course provides with a comprehensive review of some basic mathematical and statistical methods and stresses their practical applications in business and economics. The course will equip the student with quantitative skills and will also provide a good foundation for addressing typical problems that arise in business. To an extent necessary to develop correct understanding of the topics, this course incorporates analytical and theoretical sections. The course focuses on statistical analysis of data and introduces concepts as sampling, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, probabilities, and decision analysis. Thus, solid basis is built for immediate practical implementation and as well for more profound studies of quantitative analysis, quantitative decision-making or other formal manipulation with business data.

Here is the course outline:

1. lesson 01 business statistics basic

Feb 4

business statistics basic

2. Lesson 02 organisation and charts

Feb 10

organisation and charts

3. Lesson 03 Numerical Descriptive Measures pt1

Feb 18

Numerical Descriptive Measures

4. lesson 4 Numerical Descriptive Measures pt2

Feb 25

Numerical Descriptive Measures

5. lesson 06 advanced tables and charts

Mar 10

more about tables and charts. chi square test

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