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2022 Spring


Ted Turnau
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This course surveys the main worldviews of the West from the Christian Theism of the Reformation to Existentialism.

A worldview comprises the assumptions, hopes, fears, expectations, and desires a person has. It is an articulation of his or her foundational understanding of reality. In this course, we will explore the worldviews of the West : Christian Theism of the Reformation, Enlightenment Deism, Romanticism (Counter-Enlightenment), Atheistic Naturalism, Nihilism, and Atheistic Existentialism. We will wrap up with a few thoughts on how to choose between worldviews.

The course will consist of lectures and discussions of primary source readings.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to Worldviews

2. Unit 2 - Christian Theism

3. Unit 3 - Enlightenment Deism

4. Unit 4 - Romanticism

5. Unit 5 - Atheistic Naturalism

6. Unit 6 - Nihilism

7. Unit 7 - Existentialism

8. Unit 8 - Evaluating Worldviews

9. Course Evaluation Instructions

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