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2022 Spring

COMPOSITION I - COM101/2 Spring 2022

Robert Warren
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Here is the course outline:

1. Course Introduction & Syllabus Overview

Feb 10

This class will open the topics of composition and language uses in an academic context. Students will have the chance to get to know each other and address any queries they may have about the course and its outline.

2. Understanding the Academic Writing Process

Feb 17

This class will examine the core principles and methods used in producing academic essays; from structuring paragraphs to developing objective argumentation.

3. Writing Workshop: Paragraph Structure

Feb 24

Students will learn not only the fundamentals of how to structure a coherent paragraph but also how to logically transition between paragraphs and organize them as part of a wider narrative.

4. Writing Workshop: Avoiding Common Mistakes & Using Academic Style

Mar 3

This class will examine the most common mistakes in academic writing. Students will become teachers for the day; reading and assessing a series of sample academic papers.

5. Grammar Review: Article & Noun Usage

Mar 10

Through grammatical theory and grammar exercises students will gain an understanding of the importance of correct article and corresponding noun usage.

6. The Art of Debate: An Introduction to Oxford

Mar 17

Students will learn the skills required to tackle an Oxford-style academic debate. Students will be grouped into two teams, are provided a side of the motion to defend, and will conduct group research over the following week, in preparation to take on the opposing team in the next live session.

7. Class Debate: A University Education should be Tuition Free

Mar 24

Students will take part in an Oxford-style academic debate.

8. Writing Workshop: Topic Development

Apr 7

1) H/W Review & Presentations 2) Citations styles 3) Forms of plagiarism Students will read an extended excerpt from the book, ‘Between the World & Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates, then produce and analysis of the reading in preparation for a class discussion. 4) Producing a bibliography

9. Gathering Research & Using Citations

Apr 14

This class looks at the essentials of conducting research and using citations correctly.

10. Art Critique Class

Apr 21

Students will watch the 2004 film ‘Crash,’ writing an analysis of the film from a perspective of their choosing; examining not on the plot and characterization but wider topics of societal racism.

11. Grammar Review: Subordinate & Relative Clauses

Apr 28

Through grammatical theory and exercises students will gain an understanding of clause structure, conditional tenses, and corresponding punctuation usage.

12. Fundamentals of Academic Writing: Recap

May 5

This class aims to tie up any loose ends regarding paragraph structure, argumentation, citation usage, and critical thinking before students write their final essay.

13. Debate Prep: A Return to Oxford

May 12

After their initial experiences with Oxford debate earlier in the semester, students will now return to the practice with a new motion and new debating format.

14. Final Oxford Debate

May 19

Students will battle it out, fighting for or against the debate motion using the skills they have learnt to see who will come out on top.

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