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2022 Summer


Pavla Jonssonova
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Here is the course outline:

1. Alternative culture introduction

Introductions. What is alternative culture? roots and terminology: avant-garde, underground, alternative, NSM, counter-culture, subcultures. Theorizing sub/culture. Frankfurt and Birmingham School.

2. Graffiti: Urban decore or political art?

Graffiti lecture Graffiti films excerpts: Banksy Presents: The Antics Roadshow (2011) Film showing: Exit Through the Gift Shop B movie

3. street art

Graffiti and street art Field trip Tesnov, Trafacka REQUIRED READING: Kaláb, Jan, Barenthin Lindblad, Tobias. 10-15 in: Names. Praha, Trafačka, 2008. Pospiszyl, Tomáš, Lékó, István. 1-19 in: Street Art Praha. Praha, Arbor vitae, 2007.

4. Psychedelic Research. Drugs and subcultures

REQUIRED READING Keller, Robert. “Rappers, Ravers, and Rock Stars. The Deviatizing Hand of Music in Psychotropia”. in Psychotropic Drugs and Popular Culture 2008_LSD_Pharmacology The Atlantic: Pervitin Midterm issues: What does psychedelic mean? Who are the five main psychedelic researchers and what are their contributions? Who and when invented LSD? What is the specific contribution of the Czech researcher Stanislav Grof? Film showing: Katka

5. Czech Rock History

There is a train of thought claiming Czechoslovakia during the cold war had the best rock scene among the East bloc countries. Let us look at the dramatic history of the genre connected with freedom on the background of the sensational sixties, the crash of it all with the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies 21st August 1968, and the creative strategies after. Also, we will consider how much chance does Czech rock have in the liberal democratic conditions

6. Czech Music History. The Underground

Czech underground 1968-1989 is a fascinating example of moral integrity under totalitarian rule. A group of young people who refused to cut their hair, change their name from English and agree with he Russian occupation of the country. Their arrest in 1976 inspired the Czech dissidents to unite and pen Charter 77, a major civil rights platform. For contemporary Czech youth these participants of the third resistance (resistance against Communism) represent true heroes.

7. Culture Jamming Art and Politics

Culture Jamming Art and Politics Political Art Collectives: Ztohoven, Podebal, Guma Guar, Rafani. Culture Jamming Required reading: Klein, Naomi. “Culture Jamming.” in No Logo. London: Flamingo, 2001. Harris, Stephen: “What is Cheaper than Nothing at All?” Film: Czech Dream by Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda

8. Action Art and Happening

Performance, Action, Happening

9. Climate Change, Sustainability, Permaculture, Extinction Rebellion

From Communist ecological movement Brontosaurus to Duha, Greenpeace, and Extinction Rebellion

10. Final projects presentation

11. Hip hop guest lecture

Anna Oravcova, Ph.D.

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