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2022 Summer


Libuse Taylor
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Introduction to Digital Photography

Course code: ART 151
Semester and year: Summer 2019
Day and time: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Bjorn Steinz, Mark Wiedorn
Instructor contact:,
Consultation hours: Tuesdays, 12:15-13:15, or by appointment


An introduction to the fundamentals of still digital photography with a balanced emphasis on practical, technical, aesthetic, and conceptual skill sets. The student will gain general experience in digital photography through lectures, demonstrations, assignments, practice, readings, critiques, and research. The curriculum emphasizes craft, photographic vision, and visual problem solving using a digital SLR and digital darkroom processes. Visual design concepts along with historical and contemporary photographic images will be stressed with an emphasis on the traditional rules of composition and photographic design.

Coursework will provide a platform for students to explore technique and process as well as their own creative pursuits. Particular emphasis will be placed on concept development, digital capture, editorial technique, and digital presentation. Post- production software programs will be introduced and utilized for image correction and adjustment. A key component of the course is the ongoing work on each student’s chosen project and theme. The final portion of the course will include preparing images for the end of course exhibition

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