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2021 Spring


Alena Foustkova
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Here is the course outline:

1. Session 1: Wednesday, February 10 - Course Introduction

Feb 10

Join the Teams session at the designated time. Topic: Course introduction: Advertising and IMC today, who is the consumer, roles of creativity, Marcom, advertising agency structure overview. Description: Introducing basic terms, relationship between marketing and advertising. Reading: Study the pdf lecture Assignments/deadlines: Prepare a short introduction of yourself for next class. Questions to prepare will be provided.

2. Session 2: Week 2 - Practice Creative Methods

Feb 17 5:45am .. 8:15am

Review questions from Lecture 1 - Prepare for to gain activity points! Topic: Practice creative process – art direction and copywriting. + Creative methods – creativity in practice. Students shortly introduce themselves - individual presentations. In-class exercise – Improve your skills of the art and copywriting, teamwork. Reading: Provided pdf lecture to use in the homework practical exercise. Assignments/deadlines: Homework 1 – Graded by 5%, Develop 3 creative proposals (Practice Creative methods) – DUE by week 3 to NEO

3. Session 3: What makes a great ad? Creative Pyramide, Social roles

Feb 21 5:45am .. 8:15am

What makes a good ad? What makes a great ad? Creative pyramid + Practical In-class Project: Ethical and Social issues, Gender ads – potential manipulation of advertising. Description: We will discuss why some ads are mediocre and why it is important to make advertising creative to deliver the message. Social aspects and potential controversies in advertising will be analyzed. Reading: Pdf lecture Assignments/deadlines: Homework 2 – Graded by 5% Study potential controversies in advertising, analyze 3 categories – DUE by week 4 to NEO.

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