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2021 Spring


Armend Qerimi
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This course introduces computers and information systems. The content contains fundamental concepts of hardware and software as applied to computers in a business environment: operating systems, data communication, security and information systems, the use of typical software packages such as word processing, spreadsheets and graphical presentation.

Here is the course outline:

1. Semester Project

Feb 28

Presentation of semester project by students

2. Course introduction and academic expectations

Feb 07

3. Introduction to computer concepts and history

Feb 14

Introduction to computer history and related technological advances and other topics .

4. Looking at computers: understanding the parts (Hardware) and architecture

Feb 15

Introduction to main concepts of how computers work, understanding their parts and architecture.

5. Computer software: programs that let you work and play, Microsoft Word

Feb 15

Introduction to system software and application software, and their difference. Use of Microsoft word!

6. Test number 1

Mar 28

7. Word processing software: Writing a document, tips and tricks

Feb 22

Business use of word processing, concepts and terminology.

8. Operating systems and other utility programs, Microsoft Excel

Mar 01

Introduction to operating systems and its use. Business use of Microsoft excel.

9. Spreadsheet software applications; Business benefit of the use of software

Mar 08

10. Excersises - Microsoft Word

Mar 22

Business use case exercises.

11. Spreadsheet software applications

Mar 22

Business use of spreadsheets, concepts and terminology.

12. Networking and communication; Presentation applications

Mar 29

Importance of networking and communication. Introduction to presentation applications.

13. Computer Communication. Basics of Security.

May 03

Computer Communication and Secrurity

14. Final Test

May 17
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