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2021 Spring

PHILOSOPHY & SOCIETY - PHI385/PHI585 Spring 2021

Jiri Kasny
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Feb 8

Freedom and destiny and searching for the truth.

2. Constitutions and Virtues

Feb 15

The constitutions of the city and the virtues of the citizens.

3. A Perfect Society in the Middle Ages

Feb 22

A Perfect Society in the Middle Ages

4. Modern Society in Ongoing Progress

Mar 1

Turn to the subject and the social contract theory

5. Immanuel Kant

Mar 8

Enlightenment, transcendental synthesis, categorical imperative, social contract theory

6. Immanuel Kant

Mar 15

Autonomy and Freedom

7. Karl Marx

Mar 22

Karl Marx: socio-economic ideology and theory

8. Planned and Spontaneous Order

Mar 29

A. F. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

9. Ethics and Law

Apr 12

Ethics and law in freedom

10. Person

Apr 19

Person in society

11. Family

Apr 26

Family between persons and society

12. Discussion

May 3

Discussion on ethics, person and family

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