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2022 Spring


Einat Adar
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Feb 10

Modernity & Modernism, modernism as style and historical response, the emergence of modern technologies

2. Early Cinema

Mar 3

Expressionism and impressionism in cinema, the manipulation of time in space

3. Impressionism, naturalism, modernism

Feb 17

Representation between naturalism and modernism

4. Stream of Consciousness

Feb 24

Philosophies of subjective experience of time and the self

5. James Joyce’s Ulysses

Mar 31

Ulysses as the epitome of high modernism in fiction

6. Modernism and the great war

Mar 10

Literary responses to WWI

7. Aftermath of the Great War: Modernism’s Annus Mirabilis: 1922

Mar 17

High modernism, formal experimentation

8. Sci-Fi

Mar 24

The emergence of speculative fiction as ‘low modernism’

9. Virginia Woolf

Apr 21

Gender and queer theory

10. Harlem Renaissance

Reclaiming voices

11. World War II

Literary response to the recurrence of violence

12. Samuel Beckett I

May 5

Writing after Auschwitz

13. Samuel Beckett II

May 18

The Limits of Modernism

14. Conclusion

The challenge for art in the 20th century

15. Minor literature

Apr 28

Writing from a position of inferiority

16. James Joyce’s Ulysses II

Apr 14

Ulysses as the epitome of high modernism in fiction

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