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2022 Spring


Marek Columby
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This course aims at stimulating students to interact in a new language with Czech cultural environment, and develop their own path within the Czech linguistic landscape.

The course introduces relevant topics of Czech Studies and explores Czech culture, arts and linguistic legacy in relevant cultural, historical, and theoretical contexts. The course is a journey into the Czech cultural universe shaped by history, mind concepts and traditions. It includes field trips (investigating Czech language landscape of Prague and breakfast in a traditional Prague café), introduction to Czech folk songs and a Czech feature film.


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Comprehend and master basic communicative strategies of Czech speakers
  • Develop elementary speaking, reading and listening skills to deal with any foreign language
  • Explore the sounds of a new language and their patterns
  • Engage in elementary conversations, i.e., ask questions, give commands, seek information and describe the surroundings
  • Acquire lexical supply focused on the description of self and the immediate environment, and topics relevant to student life, studying abroad and life in the city
  • Compare the characteristics of the Czech and English cultural universe
  • Outline the key events of Czech history and politics

Here is the course outline:

1. Lesson 1, Intro, Language, Culture

An itroductory lesson, getting to know everyone, expectations/ goals, teaching methods, participation, evaluation criteria

2. Lesson 2

pronunciation/ list of words/ comics the accusative (direct object case) Common words and expressions

3. Lesson 3

Cultural Quiz A Basic dialogue, meeting and greeting people Formal vs. Informal Czech accents and spelling

4. Lesson 4

Sounds, spelling, pronunciation Social situations, basic dialogue Presentation- Grocery shopping the Verb "Být"/ to BE

5. Lesson 5

Verb to Be The Spirit of Prague, class discussion based on the reading

6. Lesson 6

Formal dialogue Presentation Restaurant Czech sounds and alphabet review Verb to Be/ být

7. Lesson 7- classes combined, meeting in the classroom 2.03


Czech as a Slavic language (ethnicity and political borders) the Munich Agreement, 1938 verb To BE Formal and informal dialogue

8. Lesson 8

Statues present and bygone Presentation Numbers- Alex

9. Lesson 9

1. Rest/ groceries vocab 2. verb to BE/ Být 3. The Statues of Prague- the re/interpretation of history 4. Presentation Numbers/ Money- Alex

10. Lesson 10

presentation numbers- Alex presentation Travelling around Prague- Mere Numbers practice to Be/ to Do verbs To BE HW 3 statues

11. Lesson 11- Field trip- visiting restaurant, Meeting there at 9,30am

Mar 14 9:26am .. 10:56am, Café Louvre, Praha 1

Practising restaurant skills (reading the menu, ordering, paying) Restaurant vocab/ phrases

12. Lesson 12

Quiz I (0-10, social language, basic dialogue fill in) Presentation- Rachel, Travelling out of Prague review for Midterm test

13. Lesson 13- Midterm test preparation, The demonstrations of Venezuela briefing

1. numbers 0-20 2. formal x informal 3. restaurant vocab/ phrases matching 4. Prague places matching Charles b., Národní tř, Malost nám, Prague castle, Wenceslas sq., The Old town, The Nat. Muzeum, The Czech r., Evropská Unie 5. verb to BE/ Být (filling in)

14. Lesson 14- Midterm test

Room change on Wednesday, 1.17 (next to the cafe)

Midterm : numbers to Be restaurant names of places match social language

15. Lesson 15

Midterm test summary Travel overview Czech language brush up

16. Lesson 16

Presentation- Meeting people, small talk, taboo topics- Aniuska Orientation in town, directions practice Verbs (mluvit, vidět, vědět, muset, rozumět)

17. Lesson 17

Apr 11

Reading II, Language and Identity by D. Sayer

18. Lesson 18

Apr 13

Reading II- continuation verbs Easter holiday traditions Sports presentation by Brenna

19. Lesson 19

Sports presentation Sports and politics verbs, hw

20. Lesson 20

Presentation- Czech society, Addy verb quiz?

21. Lesson 21

Czech society-Addy Czech arts- Estel Verb practice

22. Lesson 22

Quiz II- Verbs For structure and content, see the latest homework

23. Lesson 23

Discussion on the Magic Lantern reading Response paper and a completed worksheet due by May 3, 8pm Family, description

24. Lesson 24

The Magic Lantern- replay Writing Assignment practice Likes/ dislikes, activities Verbs

25. Lesson 25

Quiz III Remaining assignments and deadlines Verb practice, preparation for the Final test

26. Lesson 26

the Final test Presentation- Daryna- Czech food and culinary traditions Yevheniia- at the Doctor

27. Lesson 27

Singing of Czech folk songs 9,30

28. Lesson 28

The Power of the Powerless a documentary film of the events of 1989, the Velvet revolution

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